Celebrities with Side Businesses You Wouldn’t Expect

From capital business ventures to restaurants, plenty of Hollywood celebrities are using their free time to indulge their personal passions, and build successful business empires. The success of celebrities are not just limited to the box-office results, they have pretty successful businesses as well. You won’t believe but actors, singers, songwriters, reality stars are very talented. Along with being the excellent entertainers, they are successful entrepreneur, restaurateur, investors and business owners. Some celebs just know how to and where to invest their money to burgeon.

Side Businesses of Hollywood Actors

There are actors with sharp acting talent, but sharper business minds. They know how to fetch all the attention on the screen and also multiply their money with their clever business ventures. They are not only good entertainers but even better businessmen or businesswomen.

Below mentioned are some celebrities who are making big bucks both on-screen and off-screen:

George Clooney

The actor owns a tequila line with Rande Gerber. Both Clooney and Gerber started this venture because of their love for the smooth texture of Casamigos. They choose this name because it meant House of Friends.

Drew Barrymore

This beautiful actress own a full-fledge makeup line known as Flower Beauty. She started this makeup line in 2012 with the concept of providing quality and trendy beauty products at affordable prices. The actress promotes Flower Beauty by herself.

Paul Newman

Younger generation know Paul Newman as the name behind Newman’s Own brand, but once he was Hollywood’s heart throb. Newman’s Own gives its profit to charity.


Queen Bey is obviously much more than a pretty face. She runs a vegan meal delivery service with her nutritionist –22 Days Nutrition. According to Beyonce, this meal will help people in making healthy eating choices.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is an avid baker. She has a line of cookies –Karlie Kookies. She supplies, gluten-free and dairy free products.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba owns a $1 billion company –The honest company. The company provides non-toxic and organic products to its consumers.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres has a cloth and furnishing brand that stays true with its signature style.

Drop The Beat! The Best Celebrity DJs

DJing is an art and a respected pillar of hip-hop. With the help of technological advancements and electronic equipment, DJing become a lot of easier. However, not every DJ has the buzz of mesmerizing the crowd, but some DJs know how to win the crowd. There are a few celebrity dj that are very good in Djing. They are famous for the ground-shaking and heart-throbbing music. Crowd just can’t stop dancing when they play the music in club, private party or at any other place.

Celebrity DJs

People are ready to pay extra bucks to attend the party where celebrity DJs plays. The music, style and songs played by the DJs take the party fun to the next level. Check out the below mentioned list of celebrity DJs who are famous worldwide:

Paris Hilton

Everyone was surprised when the hotel heiress Paris Hilton announced her DJ tour. Paris is a high-profile DJ, but not everyone is fond of her DJing. She plays pre-programmed music mixes. This socialite dresses like a party guest instead of like DJ.  During her shows, she can spend more time on the dance floor.

DJ Samantha Ronson

DJ Samantha is a famous English DJ. She is also a songwriter and came into DJing by chance. She is so good at DJing that soon it became her full time job. She knows how to grasp crowd. She spins at high-profile gigs all around the world.


Afrojack is a famous Dutch DJ. His real name is Nick van de Wall. He is remixer and record producer. Afrojack always found his place in top 10 DJs of the world. In 2014, Afrojack released his first music album Forget the World.

Calvin Harris

Along with being Taylor Swift’s ex, Calvin Harris is famous for his DJing. Calvin has his fans all around the globe. This Scottish DJ has worked with many top singers. His singles “Blame”, “Summer”, and “Under Control”, all topped the UK chart. His collaboration with Rihana for “Where Have You Been”  and “This Is What You Came For” made him a famous name in showbiz. He is the best dj for parties when it comes to remix songs.

Celebrities Fighting to Save the Trees

Trees are important for each and every living being on the earth, but human asunder trees without giving second thought. Trees provide us oxygen that we breathe and food that we eat. If you don’t care about the trees, you will atone in near future. Your responsibility doesn’t end towards trees, just by hiring tree services for trimming and pruning of the trees in your backyard. More trees are being cut these days than what they are planted. Global warming is becoming worse day by day. It becomes really very difficult to live in some parts of the earth, because the trees are ruthlessly chopped there.

Famous people fighting for trees

Media says that it’s a publicity stunt, but some celebrities actually understand the importance of trees. They know that earth will be barren without trees. Also, they have the audacity of raising voice against the atrocity human do with trees. These celebs know that abating trees not only affect us, but also our future generation. Many celebs have worked so hard to save trees and rainforests.

Save tree campaigns of celebrities

Ian Somerhalder

The ‘Vampire Dairies’ actor is passionate about saving the environment. In fact, he has very own non-profit organization, which focuses on teaching kids about renewable energy, saving endangered rainforests and saving animals.


Along with Trudie Styler, Sting is working from years to save the rainforests. The couple began their project when they learn the destruction in the Amazon and how it trembled the life of the indigenous tribes of the area.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard created a beautiful web documentary spreading the awareness about the Rainforests. In the 7 episode web series, she documented that how illegally trees are being cut to increase the concrete world.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has been working on the rainforest protection project. He started his project in 2007 with the belief that forests worth more alive than dead.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is a big supporter of tree care. She knows the importance of tree trimming services md and rainforest protection. She is one of the biggest contributors to Prince Charles Project.

What kind of hair salons celebrities visit?

There are a number of positive reasons for considering celebrity hair salons over the do-it-yourself hair care techniques and hair styling. Some people are wary of their experience in the hair salon but it is must to consider. If you choose a professional hair stylist, you can flaunt stylish tresses for months. By taking up home visit services, you miss out the pampering sessions that are possible only in the hair salon. Stylists will have all the style accessories and equipments that will be needed for the treatment and thus you will gain the benefits. A trained and educated hair professional will give the customer ultimate service.

Taking up hair coloring services from professional hands

If you wish to go for hair coloring, you must better choose the salon which specializes in it. Staffs dedicated to hair coloring will do things professionally. You will have best advice coming from the stylist and even the products would be good. Apart from this, a professional stylist will prescribe the color as per your complexion, personality and the latest trend. Since they know how to carry out the entire procedure, there will be least chance of making mistakes in coloring. But then, you must acquaint the professional if you are allergic to any chemical. Most of the salons carry out skin tests prior to applying the color.

Get the complete makeover with hair salon

Apart from hair do, you can also take other services like facials, waxing and personal grooming from the salon. Thus, you will enjoy a complete makeover. It is always better to choose a package if you wish for complete grooming. Taking individual treatment will waste a lot of money. You may take nail treatments, makeup services, manicure, and pedicure in salons.

Boost up confidence

If you look good, you will feel confident. A complete makeover is the best way to boost your confidence. Anyone who is feeling down can pay visit to the salon for pampering session, get the hair cut, therapies, hair curling, straightening or any treatment. A head massage can completely de-stress you. When you think of beauty salon, hair salon comes to your mind first. Do not try and perform your own perms, hair cutting or bleaching. Just book an appointment at the best hair salon to enjoy good hair days.

Hair colors and highlights can best be performed by professional hands. The chance of causing damage to the hair will reduce dramatically. Consider your schedule and budget while heading towards the salon.

Famous People Who Opted For Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think of celebrities, you think of their beautiful smile–pearl like white teeth in flawless alignment, a grin that amazes you again and again. It might come to you as surprise that the million dollar celebrity smiles are not natural. The secret behind great smiles of many celebs is cosmetic dentistry Alexandria. Well, there is nothing wrong with cosmetic dentistry treatments. These treatments can correct the dental flaws and gives a beautiful smile that is capable of winning hearts.

Celebrity smiles and cosmetic dentistry

Great looking smiles are very important for actors, singers, models, politicians and even for athletes. Their faces are important part of the products that they are endorsing. Having a confident, trustworthy and memorable smile is one of the major requirements in their field of work.

Stars that Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

There are several cosmetic treatment options available to correct different types of dental flaws, such as teeth whitening, teeth bonding, dental implants, gum craft removal, veneers etc. Celebs opt for different dental treatments according to their needs and requirements. Check out the below mentioned list to learn about the cosmetic treatments behind the beautiful smiles of your favorite celebs:

Tom Cruise

The mission impossible star used to have misaligned and discolored teeth. In order to make successful career in showbiz, Cruise opted for multiple dental treatments, including teeth straightening and teeth whitening.

Cheryl Cole

The beautiful smile of this reality star is a gift of cosmetic dentistry procedures. She used to have a lot of gaps between her teeth. She has visited a cosmetic dental clinic to get her teeth whittled and eliminate the gaps.

Zac Efron

The High School Musical Star Zac Efron has always been swoon-worthy. But before cosmetic dental procedure he used to have misaligned and deformed teeth. Efron opted for cosmetic dentistry to fix his uneven teeth.

Hilary Duff

This Disney star also owes her smile to cosmetic dental treatments arlington. She got her tooth chipped on a microphone during a concert. Instead of getting just the chipped tooth fixed, she opted to upgrade to a full set of veneers. Yes, her smile never looked better!


Best Legal Shows in Television History

Law and order always intrigue people, especially when smart criminal lawyers are shown solving complicated cases on television. Audience enjoys heated arguments, sharp-tongued lawyers, criminal cases where justice is finally served. Legal shows are not only entertaining, but they also make us aware about the realities of life. If you follow any legal show, you must have learned some legal terms that you have never heard before. Well, you can actually use that knowledge in real life.

Best legal shows to watch

Law & Order: Law & Order is the longest running crime based drama on American Television. This popular criminal series was set and filmed in NYC and many of the episodes were based on real life incidents that made headlines.

Boston Legal: Boston Legal is a comedy-legal drama. This show had a star-studded cast, including William Shatner, Candice Bergen and James Spader. This award-winning drama portrays the ups and downs of courtroom with fun and humor.

The Practice: The Practice was another popular legal show that ran for 8 seasons on ABC. The show is focused on the associates and partners of a Boston law firm, led by senior attorney and founder of the law firm. The Practice is based on civil and criminal cases that result a continual struggle between personal ethics and legal ethics.

Ally McBeal: Ally McBeal is a comedy legal series. The story was based on an attorney named Ally McBeal, who was young, confident and lovable. Calista Flockhart played the lead role. Most of the story is focused on relationships, romance, and the personal lives of Ally and fellow attorneys.

Suits: Suits is a young age legal drama that showcases extremely handsome attorneys (Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams) in the lead roles. The drama has completed 10 seasons till date. The story is based on law firm in New York City.

There are many circumstances (such as DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault etc.) when you actually need lawyer. Real life lawyers may not look like reel life lawyers, but they have the knowledge about the criminal laws. Just like television, your criminal defense lawyer Rockville md can act like protagonist in your case, if you choose the right one.

Facts about RV used in Breaking Bad

The camper used by Jesse Pinkman(Aaron Pau) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was no ordinary RV. This motorhome is fully furnished luxury 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV. Though it would look more luxurious in the series if Jesse and Walter paid somewhat attention over rv servicing. This RV was the important part of the super hit ‘Breaking Bad’ series, as it was the place where Walter and Jesse used to cook. It may not appear luxury in the show, but the Fleetwood Bounder RV is real treat. This RV is very comfortable, classy and spacious. You can plan a full family holiday trip in Fleetwood Bounder RV.

Breaking Bad RV

RV was the prominent part of all the seasons of the Breaking Bad series. This vehicle had its own significance in the series. It made grand entry in season 1 when Walter purchased it with all the lifetime saving he had. Then in all consecutive seasons RV made remarkable appearances, until it got finally destroyed in season finale. Seeing this RV broken in 6th season was heartbreaking for many fans all around the globe.

Both lead actors enjoyed a lot shooting in RV. It was different experience for them than traditional shooting location. No matter who it looked in the show, it was a comfortable and classic RV. In fact, after show fans went crazy for Breaking Bad RV. Many fans visited the shooting location and took sneak peek of the RV used for the shoot.

More about Breaking Bad RV

The condition of RV was poor in show. It had 5 bullet holes in the door. It always had difficulty in starting. Once Walter and Jessie stuck in the desert because battery of RV drained out and they can’t find any RV technician in the desert. However, Walter made some homemade batteries and kick started the RV.

Well, if you ever go on the RV trip, pay attention over the RV maintenance and stop at rv service center va time to time. Unlike Breaking Bad, your RV is not going to start with homemade batteries. Just keep your RV up to date and enjoy the road trip.


Celebrities with unusual allergies

On camera, celebrities look stunning with shiny skin and high energy. Despite their scintillating public appearances though, many celebrities deal with allergies. Allergies affect almost everyone to some degree. Yes, celebs also take allergy medication and visit allergy clinic to cure their allergies time to time.

Celebrities You Never Realized Had Really Scary Allergies

The world is now full of people who have extreme allergies to environmental surroundings and foods. Unfortunately, celebrities are no exceptions. Even glamorous celebs don’t have the immune system that can avoid such conditions.

Scarlett Johansson: Grass Pollen Allergy

Like most of the people, Scarlett Johansson is allergic to grass pollen. Her allergies mainly cause skin rashes and eye irritation. Scarlett’s skin becomes itchy because of rashes, and her eyes get swelled when she comes in contact with grass pollens.

Serena Williams: Peanut Allergy

Serena Williams is allergic to peanut products. This tennis star has a quite sensitive allergy to the nuts. Despite of the fact that tennis players need energy boost before match, she cannot fulfill her energy needs with nuts.

Drew Barrymore: Garlic Allergy

This beautiful actress is allergic to garlic. Drew is fairly allergic to garlic products, and thus carefully read labels of foods before consuming them. She is also allergic to perfumes and bee stings, but these allergies do not concern her much.

Clay Aiken: Allergic to Nuts

Clay Aiken has a serious allergy to nuts. His allergy is bad enough that he once got reaction after being touched by a flight attendant who had been carrying nuts. Clay Aiken is allergic to other foods such as mint and coffee, but these allergies do not concern him much.

Britney Spears: Allergic to Bee Stings

Britney Spears is allergic to bee stings. The pop star can develop hives because of bees. Luckily, most of her performances indoors, otherwise it will become really very difficult for her to perform in the presence of small insects.

So, celebs also develop allergic reactions from foods, surroundings, insects and drugs. They regularly visit their allergy doctors to avoid health complication. You can also live life king size, even with allergies. Just don’t let allergies to degrade the quality of your life.

Amazing Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous

Do you ever wonder how rich and the famous people live? How multi-millionaire celebs burn their cash? A good preview to celebrity lifestyle is their homes. When you have insane amount of money, it can be difficult to find a good way to spend it. That is why celebs spend their money in building their dream houses. Celebs do not hesitate in splurging on the construction of their dream house. They hire the best architect, best builder, best engineer, best paint contractor, best masonry contractor etc. to get the best return of their investment.

Luxury celebrity homes

Homes owned by rich celebs are 10 times larger than any average home. These celebrity homes cost more than lifetime earning of average man. It is envious to see how celebrities can live extravagantly. Some of the celebs do not even have time to visit every room of their own house!

Most beautiful celebrity homes

Celebrity homes are epitome of luxury. Both interior and exterior of their homes displays the best craftsmanship. If you are thinking about home renovation or constructing new home, you can take inspiration from celebrity homes. Celebrity homes display the finest work of their domain.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s mansion is located in Hamptons worth $10 million. The property is colossal enough that once Jennifer’s stalker was able to intrude the property and lived in pool house for 7 days without being caught.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 11,000 sq. ft. mansion is well designed, it worth 17 million dollar. This property has everything that a girl has ever dreamt of.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

The power couple own luxurious home in LA worth $20 million. This luxury mansion has 8 bedrooms, 1 gigantic pool, elevator, spa, gym and garage.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods know how to live life like a king. The net worth of his Jupiter Island mansion is $60 million. This property has a golf course and running track in the backyard.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s mansion defines the luxury. Their mansion displays the crown molding work dix hills. Kim and Kanye pay a lot of attention over maintenance of their property.

Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Love hurts weather it is right or wrong. The happily ever after is not the end of every love story. Sometimes marriages end up with divorces. Celebrities are no exceptions. Celebrity marriages begin and end faster than you can keep up with. When celebrity marriages end, they become ugly and expensive. Celebs hire the best divorce lawyers to handle their divorce cases, and still they have to pay a lavishing amount of alimony to their partner.

Celebrity divorces

No matter what is the reason behind the celebrity divorces, celebs have to work hard to protect their assets. Most celebrity couples sign a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married. However, there are times when celebrities choose to marry without any prenuptial agreement. When such marriages end, the consequence is a difficult and expensive. The battle between the celebrity working to win as much of their money as possible, and the spouse trying to save some of the money for themselves gets interesting.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorce Settlements of All Time

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Divorce

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like they are made for each other. They ended their 25 year old marriage in 2011. This news shook the world. Schwarzenegger was forced to pay half of his net worth to Maria, and at last divorce cost him $250 million.

Robert and Sheila Johnson Divorce

Robert and Sheila Johnson were perfect companions at work, but they were not happy couple. They ended their 33 year old marriage in 2000. The couple continued working together even after split. However, Robert has to pay $400 million in the divorce settlement.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Divorce

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore have 7 children together, but they ended their 3 decade old marriage 2006. Gibson’s affair was the reason behind their split. Moore got $450 million from divorce.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Divorce

Rupert Murdoch is the king of high asset divorce. First, he paid $1.2 billion to his first wife Anna Maria Torv in 1999. Then his second wife Wendi Deng rewarded with $1.8 million. His divorce attorney fought well to protect his assets.

Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse Divorce

Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse had the most expensive celebrity divorces. Alec Wildenstein paid $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement.