Celebrities with unusual allergies

On camera, celebrities look stunning with shiny skin and high energy. Despite their scintillating public appearances though, many celebrities deal with allergies. Allergies affect almost everyone to some degree. Yes, celebs also take allergy medication and visit allergy clinic to cure their allergies time to time.

Celebrities You Never Realized Had Really Scary Allergies

The world is now full of people who have extreme allergies to environmental surroundings and foods. Unfortunately, celebrities are no exceptions. Even glamorous celebs don’t have the immune system that can avoid such conditions.

Scarlett Johansson: Grass Pollen Allergy

Like most of the people, Scarlett Johansson is allergic to grass pollen. Her allergies mainly cause skin rashes and eye irritation. Scarlett’s skin becomes itchy because of rashes, and her eyes get swelled when she comes in contact with grass pollens.

Serena Williams: Peanut Allergy

Serena Williams is allergic to peanut products. This tennis star has a quite sensitive allergy to the nuts. Despite of the fact that tennis players need energy boost before match, she cannot fulfill her energy needs with nuts.

Drew Barrymore: Garlic Allergy

This beautiful actress is allergic to garlic. Drew is fairly allergic to garlic products, and thus carefully read labels of foods before consuming them. She is also allergic to perfumes and bee stings, but these allergies do not concern her much.

Clay Aiken: Allergic to Nuts

Clay Aiken has a serious allergy to nuts. His allergy is bad enough that he once got reaction after being touched by a flight attendant who had been carrying nuts. Clay Aiken is allergic to other foods such as mint and coffee, but these allergies do not concern him much.

Britney Spears: Allergic to Bee Stings

Britney Spears is allergic to bee stings. The pop star can develop hives because of bees. Luckily, most of her performances indoors, otherwise it will become really very difficult for her to perform in the presence of small insects.

So, celebs also develop allergic reactions from foods, surroundings, insects and drugs. They regularly visit their allergy doctors to avoid health complication. You can also live life king size, even with allergies. Just don’t let allergies to degrade the quality of your life.

Amazing Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous

Do you ever wonder how rich and the famous people live? How multi-millionaire celebs burn their cash? A good preview to celebrity lifestyle is their homes. When you have insane amount of money, it can be difficult to find a good way to spend it. That is why celebs spend their money in building their dream houses. Celebs do not hesitate in splurging on the construction of their dream house. They hire the best architect, best builder, best engineer, best paint contractor, best masonry contractor etc. to get the best return of their investment.

Luxury celebrity homes

Homes owned by rich celebs are 10 times larger than any average home. These celebrity homes cost more than lifetime earning of average man. It is envious to see how celebrities can live extravagantly. Some of the celebs do not even have time to visit every room of their own house!

Most beautiful celebrity homes

Celebrity homes are epitome of luxury. Both interior and exterior of their homes displays the best craftsmanship. If you are thinking about home renovation or constructing new home, you can take inspiration from celebrity homes. Celebrity homes display the finest work of their domain.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s mansion is located in Hamptons worth $10 million. The property is colossal enough that once Jennifer’s stalker was able to intrude the property and lived in pool house for 7 days without being caught.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 11,000 sq. ft. mansion is well designed, it worth 17 million dollar. This property has everything that a girl has ever dreamt of.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

The power couple own luxurious home in LA worth $20 million. This luxury mansion has 8 bedrooms, 1 gigantic pool, elevator, spa, gym and garage.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods know how to live life like a king. The net worth of his Jupiter Island mansion is $60 million. This property has a golf course and running track in the backyard.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s mansion defines the luxury. Their mansion displays the crown molding work dix hills. Kim and Kanye pay a lot of attention over maintenance of their property.

Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Love hurts weather it is right or wrong. The happily ever after is not the end of every love story. Sometimes marriages end up with divorces. Celebrities are no exceptions. Celebrity marriages begin and end faster than you can keep up with. When celebrity marriages end, they become ugly and expensive. Celebs hire the best divorce lawyers to handle their divorce cases, and still they have to pay a lavishing amount of alimony to their partner.

Celebrity divorces

No matter what is the reason behind the celebrity divorces, celebs have to work hard to protect their assets. Most celebrity couples sign a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married. However, there are times when celebrities choose to marry without any prenuptial agreement. When such marriages end, the consequence is a difficult and expensive. The battle between the celebrity working to win as much of their money as possible, and the spouse trying to save some of the money for themselves gets interesting.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorce Settlements of All Time

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Divorce

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger looked like they are made for each other. They ended their 25 year old marriage in 2011. This news shook the world. Schwarzenegger was forced to pay half of his net worth to Maria, and at last divorce cost him $250 million.

Robert and Sheila Johnson Divorce

Robert and Sheila Johnson were perfect companions at work, but they were not happy couple. They ended their 33 year old marriage in 2000. The couple continued working together even after split. However, Robert has to pay $400 million in the divorce settlement.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Divorce

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore have 7 children together, but they ended their 3 decade old marriage 2006. Gibson’s affair was the reason behind their split. Moore got $450 million from divorce.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Divorce

Rupert Murdoch is the king of high asset divorce. First, he paid $1.2 billion to his first wife Anna Maria Torv in 1999. Then his second wife Wendi Deng rewarded with $1.8 million. His divorce attorney fought well to protect his assets.

Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse Divorce

Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse had the most expensive celebrity divorces. Alec Wildenstein paid $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement.

The Most Amazing Celebrity Yards, Pools and Outdoor Spaces

The most amazing thing about the great outdoors is that they are open to all, but celebs are not like us. The celebrities spend millions of dollars to hire the best landscape architect, so that they can enjoy the coddled privacy. Celebrity yards have everything from waterfall to ponds, fireplace to patio, outdoor kitchen to fountains and walkway to the flower garden. They have outdoor oasis right outside, where they take the bliss of outdoor activities with near and dear ones.

Celebrities and their luxury yards

Today, construction technology has progressed so much. You can construct anything anywhere. And celebrity yards show some of the finest masonry work. If you are also thinking about redoing your backyard or front yard, then you can take inspiration from luxury yards of your favorite celebrity.

Drake’s swimming pool

Drake owns a royal swimming pool. This pool can literally make you forget about the world. Grand pool, decorated with waterfalls and fountains looks incredibly beautiful, now just imagine how blissful it would feel?

Ashton Kutcher’s floating dining area

Yes, floating dining area is the biggest highlight of Ashton Kutcher’s backyard. His Hollywood Hills house has a stunning pool area and patio. This place is all you can imagine about heaven. However, he recently sold this place :(

Miley Cyrus’s Yard

Miley Cyrus’s yard also displays some insanely beautiful landscaping elements. Her yard has greenery, water, life-sized white horse and a Hollywood Sign. Miley loves spending time in her backyard. She keeps decorating her backyard with new landscaping elements that define her style.

Ron Popeil’s landscape

Ron Popeil owns a beautiful land that can make anyone envious. His 150 acre land displays incredible landscaping features. This grand landscape is one of the most expensive landscapes of the world.

Casey Kasem’s heart shaped pool

Late Casey Kasem has a super awesome yard. His yard displays the finest work of masonry. However, the soul of Casey Kasem’s yard is a heart shaped pool. This pool is beautifully installed at the heart of the yard, the swimming pool contractor long island might have worked really hard to achieve this level of perfection.

Celebrities Who Own Luxurious RVs

When you think of celebrities, you might not imagine them roaming around the country in a motorhome and stopping at motorhome repair center. Yet, there are some celebrities who love the RV lifestyle and enjoy the cross-country travel. It is because, RV lifestyle has no boundaries and no other lifestyle can be as versatile as RV lifestyle.

Celebrities who enjoy RVing

From actor, to musicians, to sport stars, to politicians….. everyone enjoy travelling within their own homes on wheels. However, celebrity RVs are much more luxurious than your average weekend trailer. Their RVs have fully-facilitated bathroom, fully-furnished kitchens, fully-equipped sleeping areas and all the amenities that a vehicle can get.

Matthew McConaughey’s RV

Actor Matthew McConaughey owns a luxurious Airstream RV. He loves his RV so much that he occasionally sleeps in it. He named his RV “The Canoe.” His RV is literally home on wheels.

Zac Brown’s RV

Zac Brown from Zac Brown Band owns a super-awesome RV. The name of this RV is “The Ride”. This is probabaly a perfect name for Zac Brown’s luxurious RV. This RV has everything that a posh home has. Amazing floor work, matching countertop, super-cozy couch and luxurious décor are the highlights of this RV.

President Barak Obama’s RV

Barak Obama also owns a royal RV. His RV has tinted windows because of security reasons. The president likes visiting country in his comfy-cozy vehicle. However, words are not enough to describe the President Barak Obama’s RV.

Kellie Pickler’s RV

Why should boys have all the fun? Kellie Pickler also owns a beautiful RV. Kellie Pickler has super girly RV. This celebrity loves RVing. Kellie Pickler’s RV has adorable shoe rack (that has all kinds of shoes), insanely comfortable bed, book shelf, makeup area and beautiful bathroom.

Chris Brown’s RV

Recently, Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber enjoyed romantic campaign trip in Chris Brown’s RV. Chris brown’s camper worth 1.5 million dollar.

Johnny Cash’s RV

Johnny Cash’s RV redefines the luxury. Every part of this RV is CLASSY.

So, these are some celebrities who enjoy RV as much as you do. Although it is not possible for common people to afford RVs like celebrities, rv rental fl is still a good option to enjoy RVing within budget.

Most Over-the-Top Celebrity Weddings

Little girls all around the globe dream of hosting a fairytale wedding to fit for Princess. They want to host their wedding functions in a wonderful castle, at an incredible location, wearing a wedding dress that would make even Cinderella jealous. Celebrities are no exceptions. Eventually, celebrities got money to turn their fairytale wedding dreams into reality. They can pay for fairy-like wedding dress, heavenly jewelry, adorable decorations and party rental services.

Memorable Celebrity Wedding Moments

Celebrity weddings are something that people look after. While many celebrities get married, some celebrity couples really stood out with how they tied the knot. These wedding ceremonies display the beautiful amalgamation of two souls that are truly and madly in love with each other. Although celebrities spend a lot on their weddings, only few of them can make their weddings last. Still, they give inspiration to others for wedding planning.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Wedding

The actor hosted his wedding function at luxe Italian villa on Lake Como that he borrowed from his friend George Clooney. John Krasinski hosted one of the most beautiful weddings in 2010. This outdoor wedding ceremony wowed the wedding guests.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Wedding

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston used to be the most popular celebrity couple. They tied knot in 2000. People still remember their wedding for amazing firework, beautiful flower and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dress. However, couple divorced in 2005.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding

7 months after delivering daughter Suri, Katie Holmes put on Armani to walk down the aisle with Tom Cruise in November 2006. This beautiful couple hosted their wedding at 15 century Odescalchi Castle in Rome. However, they ended their wedding in 2012.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Wedding

Kardashians are known for extravagant weddings. Khole’s wedding was no exception. The couple spent around one million dollars on their wedding. However, they got divorced last year.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wedding

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel spend around $6.5 million on their dream wedding. They hosted their wedding in an Italian hotel.

Wedding is about love, not how much money you spend on it. If you are also thinking about getting married, you can take advantage of party rentals to host your dreamy wedding within budget.

This is how celebrities deal with chronic back pain…..

Celebrity status may have some benefits, but this does not guard people against chronic back pain problems. Celebrities suffer from back pains just like common people. They also need a back pain specialist to get rid of the chronic back pain. And they then come across the same confusion about whether to opt for conservative care methods, try prescribed painkillers, or go for a more intrusive treatment.

Celebrities who struggle with pain and how they deal with it

George Clooney

Yes, one of the most handsome men in Hollywood has chronic back pain problem. This pain started when he was filming Syriana in 2005. According to Reports, Clooney even considered suicide because of pain. Thanks, to effective back pain treatments methods available, his back pain has become much more manageable.

Elizabeth Taylor

This Oscar winning actress also suffered from back pain. Elizabeth Taylor was born with an unnatural curvature of the spine. This made her a back pain victim since she was a teenager. That may be the reason why she was addicted to painkillers, sleeping pills and alcohol.

Jerry Lewis

This comedy legend damaged his back so badly that he needed a surgical implant to manage the pain. Before finding the solution, he relied on the heavy back pain relief medications.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton had to postpone his 2008 tour because of sore back. She blames her giant breast for her back pain. However, she refused breast reduction surgery as treatment. She is relying on medications to get relief from the back pain.

Tobey McGuire

Tobey McGuire may star in action-packed movies but he suffers from chronic back pain problems. He underwent spine surgery to get relief from the pain. And surgery really worked for him. Now, he is enjoying pain-free life.

Jennifer Grey

This Dirty Dancing actress suffered from chronic back pain for years after a car accident. She opted for the special surgery and had to insert a plate for pain relief. After recovery she began dancing but again she ruptured her lower back disc. Orthopedic doctors mclean had to perform surgery on her to repair the disc.

How to avail best DJ services for corporate events?

You can now get the chance of hiring the best corporate event DJ services for your corporate parties or events. If you are capable of selecting the right party-rental provider, then you can definitely avail this kind of entertaining service and that to at an affordable rate. DJ services are mainly arranged for the entertainment and enjoyment of the corporate guests and thus you must be highly focused in arranging the same in the best possible manner.

What are the requisites of DJ services in corporate events?

There are some basic preparations that are needed for conducting DJ services in the most efficient manner. Therefore, you got to create the list of accessories that are required in this case so that you can arrange for the same. Some of the commonest supplies that are required are as follows:-

  • A proper set-up is required so that the DJ services can be easily and conveniently conducted without any interruption or inconveniences. If a stage area is created, then it will be quite convenient for conducting these kinds of entertaining services.
  • There are various devices that are required for playing DJ songs and thus you need to hire those devices for the specific occasions. In most of the cases, digital karaoke boxes are being operated so that jukebox of selective songs can be played one after another.
  • Efficient DJ professionals are required so that songs can be played in a coordinated manner. These professionals are hired in case you want to get a proper mix of songs getting played without any inconveniences.

What are the main aspects of packages of DJ services for corporate events?

DJ services of corporate events are almost similar to that of the DJ services for parties and thus you got to know the major aspects before hiring these services for nay corporate event. Some of the major aspects are as follows:-

  • Corporate events can be of varied types and this is the reason that you must determine the party theme first so that the best package can be chosen in accordance to the same.
  • Package purposes might vary from one to another and thus you got to choose the most suitable one that perfectly clicks to your event purpose.
  • Package features need to be determined essentially. If you have got a limited budget, then you can definitely choose package with restricted features.

Celebrity weight loss secrets discussed

The most common question coming up from overweight people is, “how can I lose weight fast”. Being overweight can be quite frustrating. People will start making mockery and fun of you. You will lose on the confidence level. Your resistance power will deteriorate. You will always have strong craving for food. You will feel difficult to breathe after consuming large amount of food. You will face severe digestive problems.

Your appearance will become dull. You will face breathing trouble with slightest of movements. Scenarios tend to play reverse role against you. Slowly and slowly, you are moving towards something really disastrous. Be careful before it becomes too late. Act now, immediately on your condition. Rather than crying out loud and panicking, show some determination and target losing fat from the body to become slim and fit.

Losing fat is not difficult

Every weight loss program stands on one simple rule – eat healthy and workout harder. There is no shortcut route to success. You need to keep trying harder to achieve the best result. Stay focused on your goal and never loses hope. Be regular in your practice sessions. Increase the intensity level of workout every week. Stay away from junk foods and aerated drinks. Lead a balanced and simple lifestyle. Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Follow the rule for a month and you will feel the difference. Continue following the rules and it will become a habit.

Can you survive without food?

Can you survive without any food for long enough? Hopefully no! Similarly, make it a habit to workout daily. Make it to the mind that surviving without a day’s work out look impossible. When your mindset will be like this, no force in the world will prevent your body from getting fitter and slimmer. Just maintain a balanced diet to ensure that your body gets nourished properly with appropriate amount of nutrients. Also, there is an important role played by water. It is your hydrating agent. Drink more water during the daytime and a little less during after dark hours. However, the total intake should be somewhere around 1.5-2 liters in a day.

The end scenario

Stay fit. Stay happy. It is said a healthy lifestyle results in maintaining a fit body and vice versa. It ultimately helps in providing the ultimate peace of mind. There will be no worries on how can I lose weight fast again. You lifestyle and habits will change. A more confident you will make the scenario better.

Commercial Style Kitchen– What Makes Them So Popular

Commercial kitchen appliance repair is extremely important nowadays. Commercial style kitchens are gaining precedence due to their rich look and user-friendly decoration stature. These kitchens are a must for every new-age homes and apartments.

Loaded with all the modern apparatus and utensils, these kitchens reflects true symbol of stature, prestige, and style. Modular kitchen set-up should be done by experts because detailed focus should be given on the installation part. Every detailing is important.

Components of a commercial style kitchen

These kitchen include separate freezer and refrigerator, six burner stove top, separate wine cooler, warming drawer, microwave oven, dual commercial quality ovens, and highly powerful ventilation system. The most common commercial kitchen appliance to notice is restaurant style faucet. This type of a kitchen set-up can be seen commonly in a cooking show being networked in primetime channels. Gadgets galore, state of art steel appliances, and unique bottomless pantry filled with all the necessary and specialty ingredients make for a wonderful food preparation zone. The commercial kitchen will feature each and everything that the gourmet chef require while ensuring that every ingredient and tool is present within arm’s reach.

The designing part of commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchen should be designed as planned and before the home owner. This type of a kitchen always provide a structure where everything, right from food ingredients to spices, utensils, and other cooking requirement remain within the reach to save on the food preparation time. While designing the kitchen, it is necessary to include the right set of appliances. There is absolutely no necessity to place appliances that are of no use to you. Henceforth, proper planning is necessary before the designing process commences.

The right design is necessary to comply with your taste and requirement. Consulting a professional interior decorator can be beneficial in this aspect. Always plan the design in a way that allows the area to be accessed easily during operation. The kitchen should offer sufficient kitchen ventilation to prevent suffocation. At the same time, the kitchen should be designed in a manner that follows health safety regulations in the best way possible. This ultimately helps in improving the overall productivity level.

Commercial appliance repair

The commercial kitchen appliances may malfunction; it’s quite natural. In such scenarios, never try to get the repairing done by yourself. You need to contact certified commercial appliance repair or walk in cooler repair technicians to take care of the situation. Remember, these appliances are delicate devices. Handling them must be done with care to avoid faulty behavior.