What Hair Color Works Best with Different Eye Colors?

If you are looking to give a boost to your appearance, it is a fine approach to do something with your hair color. Choosing a right color from all the color options you like is not an easy-going task. There are several factors to consider while you are seeking to pick a hair color.

Here are some steps mentioned that can help you in choosing the right color of your hair.

Observe the Skin Tone

You can see the color of your veins at the wrist position. If it is blue, your skin tone is cool, if the veins color is green, undertone is warm, and if it is somewhere in-between, your skin tone is neutral.

Determine Your Eye Color

A perfect hair color can complement your eyes. The eye color and hair color make your appearance with the amazing look.

  • Light Eyes: If you have the sporting light gray, light green, light blue or grayish blue eyes with a cool skin tone, it is wise to go for lighter hair color. The light brown or platinum blond with light highlights can make your eyes with a bombastic look.

If you have the warm skin tone, you can have the amber, light brown, green or hazel blinkers. You can choose the golden, red or strawberry highlights while using the light color.

  • Medium Eyes: If you have the dark blue, brown or green eyes with the cool skin tone, you can go with the light-to medium brown or dirty blond colors. Warm skin tone with the dark hazel, topaz, green or amber eyes respond well to the rich brown hair color along with the burgundy or red highlights.
  • Dark Eyes: Dark eyes with the dark hair color give the cool appearance. If you have the cool skin tone with the dark eyes, black coffee color can suits you the best.

If you like to get a flashy look, it is better to opt for the burgundy or plum highlights. In case, you have the warm skin tone, decide for the chocolate hair color. Go for the rich browns with the copper or red highlights.

Which Color to Choose for Cool Skin Tone

If you have the cool skin tone, the hair color shades that you can choose from include shinny raven-wing blacks, cool blondes, cool ash browns in icy white and platinum colors.

What to Avoid

People with the cool skin tone should avoid yellow, bronze, red and gold hair color tones. These warm skin tones can make you look washed out.

In order to know the right hair color that suits you, primarily you need to look upon the natural hair color, eye color and your skin tone. Then, you can choose the hair color while comparing it with your eye color and skin tone. It helps to determine either the warm or cool color can suit you.

The eye color helps in identifying the depth of the color that you can use for your hair. The natural hair color helps in determining the hair color shades.

It is better to approach a professional hair color salon where a hair color expert would suggest you about the hair color that you can use that works best with different eye colors.