The Richest And Most Influential Celebrity Business Men

Who is the richest business man in the world? Well, if bank balance and personal assets comes into consideration, then the name can point to one and only, the mighty Bill Gates. With a net worth of around $79.5 billion USD, the chairman of Microsoft Corporation is presently the richest business tycoon in the world. But then, if it comes to be being famous and powerful, then whose name tops the list?

The late Steve Jobs may well top the list when it comes to being famous in the business industry. The former late CEO of Apple Inc. used to enjoy tremendous popularity in the media as well business circuit. He was one of the most powerful business magnets who redefined the computer technology and took it to an entirely new level.

Next in the list should definitely be the CEO and Chairman of NewsCorp, Rupert Murdoch. His company, the NewsCorp is presently ranked as the second largest media conglomerate. Even at this age, he seems to be enjoying strong powerful position. He still prefers taking high risk strategies in redefining the global news presentation technique.

Warren Buffet should come next in the list. Not only is he ranked third wealthiest business man in the world, he also has been voted by TIMES as one of the most influential and powerful business magnet to be alive. Warren Buffet took the concept of value investing into an entirely different level. The Facebook CEO should never be ignored also. Mark Zuckerberg, with an estimated worth of $44.6 bllion USD has been quite influencing to many. He introduced a very innovative way to interact with people, the social network. The Time magazine has also listed him as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world.

Bill Gates, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, is probably the richest person. And yes, he is influential too. How comes the Microsoft CEO be thought of as a less influential being? He is one of the chief spokesperson during the Modi-Hollande meeting ceremony. He is often regarded as one of the best investors and business minds of modern day America.

Being an influential business man is not a big deal; what matters is how you take it to the next level. It is all about achieving the wealth in terms of fame, prestige, knowledge, and definitely monetary assets. Most of the top notch business magnets donate big chunk of their income in philanthropic causes. This is essential to stay in the limelight while enjoying strong support and popularity from the media and masses.


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